The book of Supra


The Supra Footwear book.

This week Supra Footwear released a 260-page, full color, hard cover, coffee table book that catalogs the company's history in shoes, photographs and stories.

Largely credited for opening up the skate lifestyle category, Supra introduced trends that launched in skateboarding and were quickly embraced by fashion, sneaker heads and musicians.

There's an in-depth interview with iconic skateboarder Chad Muska and footwear designer Josh Brubaker, whose first collaboration resulted in Muska's game changing signature shoe -- The Skytop -- which was an entirely new silhouette for skateboarding and put Supra on the map.

Rooted in skateboarding, the book features interviews and photographs of Supra's prestigious team riders, including Jim Greco, Tom Penny, Terry Kennedy and Erik Ellington, all of who have endorsed the company since the beginning.


In only 6 year Supra has produced an astonishing amount of shoe designs.

Looking at the book and reflecting on the collective history of the brand, Ellington said, "It's amazing to see something be so successful that easily could've gone the other way. I feel blessed, honored and I'm humbled. It's something I'm really proud to be a part of."

Supra team rider, and Ellington's partner at Deathwish Skateboards, Jim Greco is equally excited to see the brand celebrated and he described the book as, "a good look into what Supra has accomplished. It's quite obvious how this brand has effected footwear in skateboarding -- it's amazing!"

Since launching in 2006, Supra's stylistic innovations have been embraced by celebrities, which led to high-profile collaborations with Jay-Z, Slash, Deion Sanders, Lil Wayne and more. The broad visibility provided opportunities for collaborations with mainstream brands like Corona beer, Dodge Charger, Mountain Dew and even Stubbs BBQ. All of which are encapsulated within the book.

With remarks and observations from some of the most influential streetwear blogs and a photographic archive of almost a decade of footwear, this commemorative digest is a must-have for collectors. The book is available at Supra retailers and online at

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