The Top 15 skaters for 2013


Dakota Servold leads off our 15 skater to keep an eye on for 2012.

2013 will be the best year ever for skateboarding! Each new year seems to bring gnarlier skating by new and fresh faces with an impressive level of board control and trick selection. It also brings a lot of yuck to skateboarding like some zany, EXTREME contest, an overexposed rapper seeking a new demographic or your dad's walking shoe company trying to make inroads into skating, but that's always been there -- outsiders have always tried to recycle and pillage skateboarding. The key? Narrow your scope and focus on the only thing that matters in skateboarding -- the act of skateboarding. If you do that you'll see the skaters crushing it in ways that have never been witnessed. The ESPN skate staff had a round table discussion about who some of these skaters are and who you should look out for in 2013. Here's the names we came up with.

Honorable Mention: Danny Way
The Plan B video will have D-Way street footage, (always a treat), and more volcano footage, which is just pure insanity.

Top 15 skaters to watch in 2013

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