Bondi Bowl-A-Rama

Courtesy of Vans

Pedro Barros takes the crown at the 9th annual Vans Bondi Bowl-A-Rama.

You're never going to believe who won the 9th annual Vans Bowl-A-Rama Bowl Pro contest past Sunday in Bondi Beach, Australia. Oh? You guessed the 17-year-old, unbeatable, Brazilian w√ľnderkind, Pedro Barros? How on earth did you know? I kid. I could have told you last week Barros was going to win Bondi again -- for the fourth year in a row. It's just what he does. He doesn't fly 18 hours from the other side of the globe to lose.

Granted, this year saw forces at work trying their damnedest to knock Barros off his throne -- Mother Nature and Bucky Lasek. The Bowl-A-Rama was pushed back from Friday to Saturday due to rain and even then the grey clouds lingered overhead threatening to put the kibosh on the event. Luckily, the weather held out and Barros still had to face off against Lasek (who was absolutely on fire with fast, technical, flawless runs). But in the end, Barros went bigger and higher than everyone else -- as he always does -- and would not be denied another Bowl-A-Rama victory.

The real shocker of the day, (aside from Ben Hatchell's epic stalefish 540 from the deep to shallow, winning Best Trick and $5,000), was Steve Caballero getting second in the Masters Division -- not the customary result. This year Caballero's former Powell Peralta teammate, Nicky Guerrero from Denmark, decided he wanted the $7000 top prize more than his Bones Brigade comrade.

Vans, again, put on one hell of a contest and we can't wait to have the event back in New York City this fall, as well as seeing Barros destroy the X Games Park, April 18-21, in his homeland of Brazil.

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