Grant Brittain's '80/90' zine


Grant Brittain's "80/90" zine, by Arkitip, highlights some of the most historic skate photos of all time.

Arkitip, an independent fine art publisher, has released a new exclusive zine, "80/90," with noted skateboard photographer Grant Brittain. For Arkitip founder, Scott Sant'Angelo, the opportunity felt like it was a long time coming, explaining, "Having followed and been influenced by Grant's work growing up, when a mutual friend introduced us, it was natural that we would work together."

Grant Brittain x Arkitip zine

Brittain, a California native, has been capturing seminal moments in skate history for almost thirty years. Already an avid skateboarder, he began shooting the resident rippers at the legendary Del Mar Skate Ranch in San Diego, Calif. in the late '70s. Once hooked, Brittain enrolled in photography courses at his local college, and has been exposing the best skateboarders in the world ever since.

Brittain even made three issues of his own skateboard zine, called Air Zine, which Brittain described as, "Interviews and photos and fake ads," made from, "clipart, cutouts, typewriter, tape guns and glue." He landed his first cover of Tony Hawk for Transworld Skateboarding Magazine in 1983 and soon after became the photo editor of the publication.

After helping to define skate imagery at Transworld Skateboarding for 20 years, in 2003 Brittain left the established publication to co-found The Skateboard Mag. However, he's excited and liberated by working within the looser zine-format, saying, "I would rather do zines, more creative and hands on, no computers. No advertisers to deal with and you don't have to put 'hammers' in the mag."

In the past year there's been a resurgence of do-it-yourself publications and a recent "Book Sale," prominently featuring zines, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Calif. Rooted in independent publishing, Sant'Angelo said, "Having started as a zine it felt refreshing after all these years to go back to basics and celebrate our beginnings and methods of publishing. The DIY aesthetic will always be prevalent no matter what the economy or social climate -- this is publishing without rules or boundaries and that is what we have always strived to accomplish."

The Grant Brittain Arkitip Zine is 48 pages long and features some of the photographer's favorite black and white images. All of the images included in the zine were shot on film, with the exception of one photo that was shot digitally in 2012.

This collectible zine, which is limited to an edition of 200, is available now at Arkitip's website, at In addition, Southern California residents are invited to attend a photo exhibit of the work included in the Grant Brittain Arkitip Zine on April 2 at As Issued in Costa Mesa, Calif.

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