Primitive's 'Pain is Beauty'

On March 13, at the Arc Light theater on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, Calif., Primitive premiered their skate video "Pain is Beauty." Primitive, a boutique store specializing in shoes and apparel, was founded in 2008 by professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez Jr., Jay Partow and Andy Netkin. Over the last few years the Primitive skate team has been growing exponentially and "Pain is Beauty" is a reflection of the array of talent they've assembled.

This video's strength lies in its diversity, showcasing a range of high profile skaters like Street League and X Games competitors Paul Rodriguez, Torey Pudwill, Shane O'Neill and Chaz Ortiz. "Pain is Beauty" also features skaters on the rise like Justin Schulte, Matt Chaffin, Carlos Zarazua and Nick Tucker. In addition, the friends section has a slew of pros you rarely see.

"I think the video is cool because it shows all kinds of aspects of skating. You have the guys who are already pro and then there are guys who are on their way. This video brought a lot of different people together like Tony Tave and Terell Robinson. It's rad to see those dudes out again. I'm sure they've always been skating, but it's good to see," exclaimed Primitive rider and Chocolate pro Daniel Castillo.

"I like Schulte's part a lot," Castillo says. "He did a lot of really cool tricks, like the kind you really wouldn't ever see."

Schulte, a native of the Valley, was pleased to hear that kind of feedback, and claims that leaving a good impression was his intention. He says, "That's what I'm out here trying to do -- trying to turn heads. I'm stoked to be a part of the team and be in the video at all, let alone have the first part."

Originally "Pain is Beauty" was meant to be less than ten minutes long, but the overwhelming drive of the team pushed it to become a full length feature. "A lot of people don't know that the video started off as a six-minute video and once everyone got together and started contributing more footage, Andy decided to a do a full-fledged video. That's when parts came together for certain riders. We were all hanging out at Paul's park and Andy asked who wanted to have a full part and then he sent us off to the races pretty much," explained team rider Aquil Brathwaite.

Sammy Baptista, who shares a part with Matt Chaffin, had a unique experience trying to land a difficult trick which illustrates the video's title. "The switch backside kickflip on the bump-to-gap in the Valley was a struggle," said Baptista. "That spot... I compare it to a boxing match or MMA fight, because you go in and you feel crisp, and before you know it that spot gets the best of you."

Primitive doesn't pressures their riders to deliver, but individually everyone drove themselves to come up with quality contributions. Working through obstacles is an important but basic component of completing a video. Baptista said, "We have such a big squad that it was pretty amazing to do the video but it was hard too. Paul [Rodriguez]and Torey [Pudwill] are working on the Plan B video and Tony [Tave] is working on the LE video, so everyone was a little tied up."

Nick Tucker he had a funny view on the title and how he relates it to skateboarding, "Pain is beauty, but pain is not beauty. Pain is pain. Pain hurts. Beauty is fresh flowers and pretty women. It's nothing like skateboarding."

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