Krush with Rob Dyrdek


Rob Dyrdek partners up with for a crowd-curated social media app.

Street League founder and professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek has signed on to endorse Internet startup site, which recently launched its free mobile app in the Apple iTunes store. is an online social network bringing awareness to the latest products and innovations in the action-sports community. The lifestyle-driven, photo-sharing website allows users to post images found on the web and curate and manage their collections. The users can follow specific trending categories, brands or individuals, like Dyrdek.

Krush refers to its users as "influencers," which they define as those with "the ability to affect decisions and opinions of a person through products, actions or posts." Thus far the site's influencers most-posted items have included sneakers, watches, streetwear, skateboards, fixed-gear bikes, surfboards, tricked-out cars, street art and tech gadgets. On the website's Twitter feed, one fan labeled the website "Pinterest for dudes."

The comparison is fair, as is broadly modeled after the wildly successful Pinterest photo-sharing website. Dyrdek has a knack for launching and plugging into financially successful ventures, and if Pinterest is any indication of Krush's potential, the startup could be a lucrative investment. In the three years since it began, Pinterest has registered 49 million users and, according to the Los Angeles Times, the website is valued at $2.5 billion.

The broad strokes of both websites are similar, but is designed to benefit the brands whose products are posted as much as it is engaged in entertaining its users. The instantaneous feedback for brands is not limited to already existing product; the opportunity to workshop new ideas and colorways and toforecast trends is built into the "Design Room," in which specified "influencers" are invited to give feedback about products that are in development.

Dyrdek explains, "The product-based social platform is a great way to have a direct insight into the mind of the consumer; you can see what people are liking, what trends are forming, etc. I'm definitely looking forward to getting some feedback from the top tastemakers in my Design Room for exclusive sneak peeks and first looks."

In addition to the "Design Room," all users are invited to comment on "SneakPeeks" of not-yet-released products from brands. Further, provides the brands on the site with analytics and reports that break down a product's popularity by age and geographic markers, making the site a valuable direct-marketing and sales tool for participating brands.

Scrolling through, innovations like a hydraulic hideaway bed, an iPhone case with brass knuckles, and the latest Stefan Janowski colorways from Nike SB were on display. Without searching a variety of websites,'s users can easily find what's crushing in action sports.

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