Huston back on top at Kimberley Diamond Cup

Mark Kohlman/ESPN

Nyjah Huston, pictured here in Street League Elimination at X Games Barcelona, took home $100,000 for winning the Kimberly Diamond Cup street competition.

Nyjah Huston is leaving Kimberley, South Africa, with an extra $100,000 after winning the Kimberley Diamond Cup Street World Championship on Sunday. Huston was the third place qualifier for the event, behind Alec Majerus and Louie Lopez, but was untouchable in each of his three head-to-head matchups beating Matt Berger in quarterfinals, Lopez in semifinals and dominating Felipe Gustavo in finals.

"Shoutout to all the other skaters in the contest," Huston said, just before collecting his paycheck. "You guys absolutely killed it and I had a good time skating with all you guys."

Huston cashed in regularly this year. But he came into the Kimberley Diamond Cup still smarting from his loss to Chris Cole at the Street League Skateboard Super Crown last month in New Jersey when Cole edged him out for the win 52.8 to 52.4 in the finals. Huston's win on Sunday was far more decisive, trouncing Gustavo 94.18 to 77.47 in the final matchup.

"I always have that redemption feeling after I lose a contest," Huston explained, after securing the win. "But bottom line I'm just a competitive person so no matter how many contests I've won in the past or in a row or whatever I'm still going out here giving it my all and I always want to win."

Gustavo struggled throughout the final four-minute jam session, exhausted after beating out Micky Papa, Majerus and Manny Santiago in the previous rounds. It was still his biggest contest finish ever. Huston seemed unfazed in the finals and landed nearly every trick he attempted, including heavy hitters like a nollie heelflip backside lipslide, a switch frontside bluntslide, backside 270 lip slides, backside 270 noseblunts and a 360 flip to 50/50. 

Andy MacDonald also leaves South Africa with a pile of cash. The vert legend collected $60,000 after winning the overall Vert World Championship title in Kimberley on Saturday. MacDonald beat out Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Jono Scwhan in the vert portion of the two-part contest, then finished second behind Scwhan and ahead of Jagger Eaton in the big air portion after Scwhan landed a 900 in his winning run on the mini MegaRamp.

A trio of South African skaters – Kelly Murray, Melissa Williams, and Natalie Bramley – took the podium in the Girl's Street event on Thursday, while eight year-old Kimberley local Davatta Boipelo, an obvious crowd favorite, finished in fifth.  

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