Zero Skateboards collaborates with Afghan NGO

Courtesy of Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboards has released three decks in collaboration with an empowerment-through-skateboarding organization in Afghanistan.

Zero Skateboards has released three board graphics in collaboration with a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kabul, Afghanistan, that works with kids who are divided by ethnic, religious, economic and gender differences by empowering them through skateboarding and educational programs.

Founded in 2007, the NGO opened an indoor skateboard park in Kabul through fundraising efforts, donations and a partnership with Afghanistan's Olympic committee.

Jamie Thomas, professional skater and founder of Zero Skateboards and Fallen Footwear, is a longtime supporter of the program. Thomas has created fundraising opportunities through a Fallen Footwear collaborative shoe in 2011 and is now following up with the co-branded Zero board series to benefit the Afghan NGO.

"There is not much that's better than seeing your own name on a skateboard deck from a hardcore skate brand. It will connect kids that skate all around the world with [our] projects and there will be a little more humanity in the world," the NGO's founder Oliver Percovich wrote on their website.

Percovich and his team provided images to inspire the collection, and each board graphic in the Zero series tells a story from the recent history of the organization.

A photo collage of skating in Afghanistan, overlaid with a transparent red Zero logo, pays homage to one of the organization's volunteers who was killed along with three other students and volunteers in a suicide bombing in 2012.

The artwork on the second board in the series comes from graffiti on the bullet-riddled wall of the NGO's team's favorite street skating spot, and the third features an AK-47 rifle with a sticker on the magazine.

The skateboard series is available online and at skateshops around the globe. A portion of the sales from the collaboration will help fund the NGO's programs in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

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