Up Next: The first lady of Level 1

Alberta, Canada's Tatum Monod might just be Level 1's new secret weapon. Here's an edit Orage put together of Monod showcasing her skills in Retallack last season.

Skiing is a sport that is constantly evolving. With winter quickly approaching, XGames.com is taking a look at seven skiers who will surely shape the future of skiing in the years to come. From an up-and-coming photographer and videographer to two skiers who are reinventing what's possible in the backcountry, these skiers are new on the scene and here to stay. They are up next. First in the series is Level 1's new secret weapon, Tatum Monod.

Tatum Monod turned 23 on Oct. 21. That day, she was en route to a hot springs destination with boyfriend and professional skier Wiley Miller, and French bulldog, Taj. Throughout last season, Monod and Miller spent a good deal of time filming and skiing around Cooke City, Montana. Monod's skiing was caught on film and the resulting online edit won her Best Female Edit at iF3 in Montreal in September.

In the edit, Monod tosses 360s into pillow lines and stomps a flawless double backflip. "This year was my first time shooting with her," filmmaker Darren Rayner said. "She really likes pillow lines and deep pow features. It was apparent off the bat she wanted to step outside of her comfort zone and she started hitting these big cliff lines and bigger lines."

I grew up in Banff, Alberta -- that's where I learned to ski. I did gymnastics when I was growing up. I'm really comfortable with flipping, and that's where it started. Currently, I'm living in Salt Lake. I'm going to college there until December then going back to Whistler.

I'm studying outerwear fashion design and merchandising. I did a bit of design work with Orage on some outerwear and it sparked the idea for me. I found the program and it's something I'm super passionate about.

I have to start from the bottom with it in regards to fabrics, textiles, merchandising ... There's a lot to learn. I'm enjoying it. I like to see the final product. I haven't designed anything completely yet, but working with Orage on sketches, then seeing it come together in a nice final piece is rewarding.

Wiley and I went to Cooke City together. I wasn't initially planning on putting together a segment with Level 1. I had hoped to collect as many shots as I could, and at the end of the season Josh Berman (Level 1's owner/producer) said he liked what he saw and he'd love to put me in the movie. It worked out really well. The online edit is something I'm really proud of. It's got a little bit of everything in it.

Skiing with Wiley last season was so great. It's kind of challenging for us sometimes to hit the same jump. I get frustrated because I'm not taking anything to my feet. I learned so much from being in Cooke City. Everything is sled access, and that's a whole new element in itself. It didn't stop snowing the entire time we were there.

I'm in the 'Pretty Faces' film briefly. That movie is incredible. It tells a story and grabs everybody's heart in the audience. I think it's the movie of the year. I can't tell you the amount of girls who have come up to me and told me how inspired they are from that movie. The future generations of female skiers need confidence.

I'd like to film with Level 1 again. To have a reputable company like that backing me has been really great. The only other girls to have been in a Level 1 movie are Kaya Turski and Marie Martinod.

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