Bush pilot

Mark Fisher

Rory Bushfield filming with TGR in Iceland last spring.

Rory Bushfield has been busy lately. Over the last year, the 28-year-old skier managed to film for three of the most anticipated ski movies due out this fall -- Teton Gravity Research's "One for the Road," Matchstick Productions' "Attack of La Niña," and Sherpa's "All.I.Can." He also married one of freeskiing's most adored female athletes, Sarah Burke, and he picked up a side gig as a single-engine pilot. We caught up with him before he took off for South America, where he'll be competing in the Swatch Skier's Cup competition at Valle Nevado, Chile, in early September.

Not many people film with multiple ski movie production companies. How did you pull that off?
It was super busy and I did some crazy travel moves to pull it off. I have filmed with MSP for the last eight years, I think, but the last TGR movie I was in was [2002's] "Salad Days." So in February, I was on a trip to Jackson Hole when I met [TGR's] Todd Jones, and he invited me to Iceland with TGR. I jumped on it. Then one month later I got invited to Terrace with MSP. I jumped on that one too.

Mark Fisher

Bushfield is now off to Chile for the second time this summer.

Any top trips from all that filming?
Iceland was unreal and so was Mica Heli. Terrace was rad. It's always very interesting there, whether you are skiing or not. I had been waiting to hit some things up there since I was last there four seasons ago, although I didn't really get to ski until the last two days of the trip. In Iceland, a couple of times we skied right from the peaks to the beach. I wish I got to go surfing while I was there, it looked epic.

In between all the flying around for skiing, you also fly small planes on your own time. How did that come about?
I got into it because of extreme boredom when I was recovering from knee surgery. I have always dreamed of flying and knew I would one day when the time was right, and knee surgery recovery was the time for me. I can fly any single engine plane on wheels or skis. I am working on upgrading to night and floats and instrument flight rating. I don't think I will be a commercial pilot or anything like that, but I would like to get into some sort of bush piloting involving snow landings.

How is life being married to every ski dude's dream girl?
It's awesome! She is a real keeper. I have known Sarah for 13 or 14 years and we have been together for almost eight. We met skiing, she was on the Ontario moguls team and I was on the Alberta moguls team. We went to the same contests. We get to ski together sometimes, we hang together every chance we get doing all kinds of things. She just made me an awesome breakfast actually. We have a dog named Dextor and she is a real hellion.

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