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Ian Coble

Mark Abma and Eric Hjorleifson putting in some computer time.

We know you'd rather be skiing than wasting time on the Internet. So here are the websites that the contributors to ESPN Freeskiing visit when they're looking for information online about gear, weather, news, athletes and more. Introducing the best freeskiing sites on the web (not including our own).

Best Athlete Blogs How can you not love Jon Olsson's blog? It's filled with jet-setting, beautiful women, Lamborghinis, and yes, skiing. It's got original video, professional photos, and Olsson's window into many different facets of skiing and adventure (like driving across Europe with Bode Miller). Jen Hudak's blog features everything from poetry to photos to her take on the world. "Time came to a complete stand still," Hudak writes about the passing of her friend, Sarah Burke. "It felt as if the whole world stopped turning, yet everything continued on around me."

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Best Freeskiing News Sites Although we're tempted to pat ourselves on the back for this category, instead we're passing the award to our friends over at Freeskier Magazine, who do a mighty fine job covering all the latest in the world of freeskiing: contests, athlete and resort news, new gear, and more.

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Best Backcountry Blogs Carbondale, Colo.-based skier and writer Lou Dawson has been running Wild Snow, a backcountry ski blog, for years. The site covers everything from trip reports to gear reviews, with an emphasis on lightweight touring gear. For avalanche reports, news on first ski descents, and techy gear talk, look no further than TetonAT, which is run by Jackson, Wyo.-based Steve Romeo (he's better known as Randosteve). "It's one of those blogs with good pictures, trip reports and is regularly updated," says Cody Townsend.

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Best content from around the web For freeze frames, cool videos collected from around the web, trip reports, and desktop downloads, check out MeltFreeze. "We've been wanting to see a website that gets everyone inspired to be in the mountains," reads the site. "We got pretty sick of waiting for one to show up, so here's what we came up with on our own." Don't feel like spending hours surfing the internet to find out what's new in skiing? The folks at Jackson, Wyo.-based EarlyUps, which launched last year, find all the best ski content out there and put it onto one easy-to-navigate website.

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Best Humor Sites BroBomb's tagline pretty much sums it up: "Having fun at skiing's expense." The site is usually hilarious and isn't afraid to ridicule. Exhibit A, alongside a French ski edit: "Skiing so rad and French it will melt your face ... into a baguette." Newschoolers offers solid, on-the-ground contest reporting and athlete interviews, but there's something highly entertaining about the site's ski gabber forum. "How can you not find a 12-year-old kid making fun of Jossi Wells' steeze not funny?" said a pro skier about Newschoolers' forum.

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Best Weather Sites This weather and snow report site offers (usually accurate) ski area forecasts for just about anywhere in the world. You can also access ski resort webcams, interactive maps, and pick your next destination based on where it's going to snow the most.

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Best Gear Sites

TGR Tech Talk forum: For honest, unbiased gear reviews, check out the Tech Talk forum on, where every ski, binding, and glove is meticulously reviewed and commented on by hundreds of skiers. It's crowd sourced reviews at their finest.

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