Dale Talkington wins TGR Co-Lab


On Saturday night in Jackson Hole, Wyo., before the premiere of Teton Gravity Research's new film, "Way of Life," the winner of TGR's Co-Lab contest was announced and awarded a $100,000 check.

The lucky winner was 21-year-old Vermont native Dale Talkington.

The Co-Lab was an open-source video contest in which skiers from around the world submitted video edits and fans voted online to determine the finalists. His fellow finalists voted and Talkington was determined to be the winner. The prize money is among the most ever given out in the ski industry.

"We really wanted to make a statement with the prize money," TGR co-founder Steve Jones said. We spoke to Talkington about what he's going to do with the money and whether he'd enter the contest again next year.

So $100,000. What are you going to do with that money?
I have a broken car right now, so I've got to fix that. I'm going to split some money between the filmers, then save the rest. I want to work on traveling, skiing, filming and seeing the world.

Have you ever won a cash prize in anything else?
I won the Nike video contest last year and that was $5,000. I got a third place at War of Rails and I have a couple other random money things that I won, but nothing near this level.

Did you go into last season thinking you were going to film for the Co-Lab, or did you at the end of the year see the amount of footage you were sitting on and decide to enter?
A filmer friend and I saw it at the beginning of the year and had an idea in our minds of what kind of segment we wanted to make. We decided to wait and see if we could get enough footage. We thought we could do it and it would be a good idea to enter not only for the online exposure, but we wanted to see if we could actually win, too.

There was an athlete vote that the public wasn't privy to. Who did you vote for?
There were three sections that were based on creativity of riding, style of riding and overall impression. I think those were the three. I liked Nick McNutt's video, Colter Hinchliffe and Essex Prescott. They were good.

Are you planning on doing the competition if it happens again next year?
I was kind of disappointed there weren't more people entering that are in my field [street and park skiing]. It was heavier on the TGR side of things -- a bit more big mountain skiers. I hope this kind of opens the door for other people like me to do it and then next year, I'd consider it. We'll see how the season goes, you never know. Maybe I'll let someone else try to win it.

Is there anything you would change about the competition?
It was a good experience. I liked how they did the overall judging, but I think there should be a third set of judges selected by TGR that votes too. Then you'd have a public vote, an athlete vote and a judges' vote.

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