Face Time: Hana Beaman

P.S. series creator Hana Beaman has been pushing women's snowboarding for a long time.

Hana Beaman's been in the snowboard game for a long time. She started riding when she was six, and took her first pipe run during her first winter on a board, with Mom cheering her on. Growing up riding Snow Summit in the mountains of Southern California where she was raised, it was inevitable that she get into competing at an early age.

Then came a stint at Mammoth, which transitioned into a stint in the Grenerds crew and before she knew it, got an invite to Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark. Fast forward several years and Beaman is one of the most solid women holding it down for females in snowboarding.

From her domination of slopestyle contests to her DIY approach to putting out a video parts, she's always been one to lead. This winter was no exception. Here's the lady legend herself to tell you all about breaking big, coming up and taking snowboarding back.

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