The #passitonproject is an idea we came up with more or less spontaneously. My new Speedodeeps snowboard -- a powder-specific board I've been designing with Lib Technologies for several years now to replace the Banana Hammock; I really think it rides like nothing else out there -- showed up at the Asymbol studio a few weeks ago, and we just started kicking around this idea:

What if we sent it out into the world for people to ride and pass along, from snowboarder to snowboarder?

We got excited about the fact that this could turn into a sort of communal art project that could potentially involve snowboarders around the world. 

It's cool to think about a snowboard as being more than just an object. It's a means to create a shared experience among the people who've ridden it, those who will ride it, and everyone who finds a way to participate in #passitonproject somehow.

I hope people see this as a platform for self expression and actually add to the project in ways we couldn't have anticipated when it started.  

I really like the sense of adventure and mystery about the project. We don't really know what's going to happen to the board. It's just out there now, being ridden and hopefully partying 'til dawn. We get to track the board's progress the same way everybody will, by searching for the hash tag #passitonproject on Instagram and checking out Asymbol's Facebook page to see where it is. 

Who knows how this idea will evolve but I guess we're going to find out. Already we've had riders from Poland and Amsterdam and Chile and France request the board. The funny thing is, there's really nothing we can do to get the board to them -- it just has to find them somehow, or they have to find it...

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