Refreshed rocker

The rock and roll life isn't all jets and groupies. Ask any grassroots musician and he'll tell you that life on tour is demanding. But it has its advantages. Timmy Curran enjoyed one such advantage this morning.

Jonathan Nimerfroh

The rock and roll lifestyle has its advantages.

Curran is out on tour this month promoting both his new film by Josh Landen "The Union Express," as well as his new album "VerseS" (that uppercase "S" probably rids him from any legal complications with Pearl Jam.)

After a few outings in April in California, he started in Texas, worked his way through a seeming couple dozen shows in Florida and then came up the East Coast. He had a few days between gigs, so last night and today got to enjoy some of the subtropical groundswell in New Jersey.

Jonathan Nimerfroh

"If one more person asks me to cover Freebird..." Timmy Curran on the boost.

"In Corpus Christie and Pensacola we had waves, but we've been skunked since then," said the shredder/strummer who has played sixteen shows this month.

Curran left Ocean City, MD and was on the Cape May Ferry when he called up buddy Matt Keenan for the report.

Jonathan Nimerfroh

Host Matt Keenan is always happy to share his shack.

"I've been friends with Timmy for a long time. I always talk about the lefts in Ocean City. The last time he came though, he was on a tight schedule. But this time he called me up and we surfed our brains out for two days."

Yesterday and today, the boys harvested some clean groundswell. It was nothing epic, but very fun, considering we're finally out of that terrible spring we had.

"It was a couple feet overhead and offshore with long lefts and the tide was right," reported Curran, "Some were hollow and some were rippable. A lot of the local guys were really getting some good waves."

Jonathan Nimerfroh

Rob Kelly was happy to have Curran in town, but happier that the water is finally warming up.

Curran and the film will be at The Surf Lodge in Montauk, New York on Saturday and Sunday night before he heads back to finish up in Southern California. Check the full tour dates here. (And look at me, two days in a row with posts on hippy rockers who rip.) Rock on, Timmy.

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