Harley-Davidson: Axell Hodges Riding Study

303 days ago

X Games Snow Bike competitor Axell Hodges teamed up with Harley-Davidson to test focus, brain waves and concentration while riding. Turns out, riding a Harley-Davidson is also a stress reliever.

Brett Turcotte: Gear Check

304 days ago

To customize his Snow Bike for X Games, Brett Turcotte worked with a fabricator on shortening his kit to achieve a more responsive ride in advance of X Games.

Brett Turcotte: Athlete Profile

304 days ago

Between Snowmobile Freestyle and Snow Bike Best Trick, Brett Turcotte is wearing a lot of hats at X Games Aspen 2019.

Being: Tom Wallisch

309 days ago

Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tom Wallisch grew up outside the boundaries of a traditional ski environment and forged a new path forward in freeskiing, utilizing web videos and an urban ski approach.

Being: Blair Morgan

309 days ago

A seasoned motocross racer, Canadian Blair Morgan made the switch to snocross racing in the offseason and pushed the sport to new levels. Following a severe injury in 2008, Morgan made a triumphant return to racing at X Games Aspen in 2018.

Being: Jackson Strong

311 days ago

Raised on the farmlands of Australia, Jackson Strong discovered motocross at an early age. A dedicated self-starter, Strong constructed his own training facility and dared to blaze his own path in freestyle motocross and now, snow bikes.

Being: Anna Gasser

311 days ago

Raised as a gymnast, Austrian Anna Gasser arrived late to snowboarding and didn't start to compete until her late teens. Now the first woman to land a Cab triple underflip, Anna Gasser is bridging the gap between men's and women's snowboarding.