McGuire takes FMX around the world

Being able to ride your dirt bike for a living and getting to work in the industry that you love so dearly is truly a blessing. Just ask Jimmie McGuire.

Courtesy of Jimmie Mcguire

Jimmie McGuire does a double Indian seat grab Hart attack at a Riders For Christ City Festival event.

Since entering the FMX scene in 1999, McGuire has been a fixture on and off the bike. From riding demos with the "Riders for Christ" to helping operations with X Games and ASA Entertainment, McGuire has established himself across the board.

One of the coolest guys on the block, McGuire can handle riding his bike with ease and manage operations such as the FMX portion of the ASA Mountain Dew Extreme Tour in India to X Games Los Angeles.

We caught up with McGuire while he was on the road riding shows across the country. What is your official title?
Man, I could have so many, who knows [laughs]? Athlete, producer, operations, emcee, host, gopher …

I know you've been busy riding shows lately, where have you been?
I have been all over the map. I did a 40-day demo tour in India, worked ops in L.A. for X Games, demos in Michigan, New Mexico and Sturgis [S.D.] …. It's been a crazy three months!

You play a dual role helping with operations for X Games, ASA Events. Tell me a little about that?
Since 2004 I have helped produce FMX demos with ASA at their skate comps. I work pretty close with Rick Bratman and Jeff Hermanek from ASA there and also ride the demos for them. So when the doors opened to work with Paul Taublieb at X Games I jumped on it.

This has been my third year working and I have learned so much and had a blast every year. The last two years have been intense during the show, it is high stress but super fun!

You also handled operations for the ASA Mountain Dew Extreme Tour in India, tell me about that tour?
Yes, Rick called me up and said he had an India deal in the works, which was exciting! I began to help select riders and started all of the pre-tour logistics with them. We were there with ASA and Mountain Dew for 40 days. It was crazy, awesome and quite an experience for sure! I believe that all of my work on the production side of the sport has prepared me to help run logistics smoothly and professionally, especially with so many one-off demo teams out there now. We went there and killed it!

Who did you have riding it?
Well, the tour was so long I really tried to help pick guys with Rick that would get along well and be mellow, especially because of the Muslim [and] Hindu culture there.
Tony Donaldson/Shazamm/ESPN

Jimmie McGuire does a show in 2003 at X Arena for the opening of X Games Xperience at Disney's California Adventure.

The consistent were myself, Tommy Clowers and Myles Richmond. Then we had guys moving in and out throughout the tour: Nick Dunne, Mike Mason, Dustin Nowak and Drake McElroy.

There was also skate and BMX athletes including The Yasutoko Brothers [Eito and Takeshi], Andy Mac [Macdonald], Simon Tabron, Rick Thorne, Dennis McCoy and Sandro Dias. It was an insane team … T.A.B.

What's it like being in India to ride?
It was awesome, there were so many new action sports fans in India! They have never even seen moto let alone any action sport. There were tens of thousands of fans overflowing the barriers, it was almost like a riot. The fans were so enthusiastic. It was refreshing to see people so excited at an event.

I rode but also worked productions and logistics with Jeff, Sara [Kindig] and Rick. There were days that we were out building in 120 degrees plus humidity. It was intense, but paid off well.

Are there FMX fans over there or was it something completely new that they had never seen?
Completely new, they were the best fans. A lot of people there don't live off of much so for them to see us throwing tricks 30 feet high they were so stoked. They cheered so loud it made riding easy. It was like a sensory overload where as in the States some people are just way to cool to cheer [laughs].

What's the rest of the year look like for you?
It's rolling, We have some demos going with my company JRide Action Sports Productions, and some other stuff in the works.

Also I have been learning about building homes on the side with my pops which is a great plan for the future. He is doing a huge development in Oklahoma that I am able to be a part of. I have always been intrigued by that!

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