Steve Nesser on his switch to The High Five

Ian O'Connor

Steve Nesser gets a high five from Todd Bratrud for this pop shove-it.

Less than two months ago we spoke to Steve Nesser about his switch from Adio to IPath. Well here we are catching up with him again to discuss some more ch-ch-changes in his life; this time flying the Birdhouse coop to the upstart Todd Bratrud board brand, The High 5.

I feel like I just talked to you last month about switching to IPath now you're switching to The High Five.
Yes, sure.

What prompted that decision?
Basically I grew up with Todd Bratrud and set things off in the skate world together and it looks like we're just going full-circle and meeting right back up and doing something together that we're both hyped on.

How many times have you quit Birdhouse now? What is this? The sixth time?
Five. No, I'm just kidding. Once. But the first one was a bit of a misunderstanding. It was just a 'talked about' quitting then it got out that I quit and then it went from there and into the media.

So is this a real quit? Or a fake quit?
Yes, this is the official switch to The High 5.

How long before you go back to Birdhouse?
Let's see. How old is Willy [Santos]? No, kidding. I'd say ... never.

Did Tony Hawk cry when you told him you were quitting again?

Ian O'Connor

Steve Nesser definitely deserves a high five for this backside flip.

Did he even care?
Yeah. We're buddies. It was a good leave.

So you guys are still kosher?

You left the door open for your next return?
Yeah, I guess so. Never burn bridges, only build them.

Aren't you going to be missing out that video game money now that you left?
I think you called it out pretty good with Todd selling his Nintendo on eBay as income. I think it was a great ride but I'm on the Nintendo tip now.

Some people would think that riding for Tony Hawk's board brand would be quite lucrative. Is that a big check that you're going to be able to live without?
I don't know if people are familiar with the hip art scene but an artist is on the up and up these days, if you know what I'm talking about. So no.

Are you saying that Todd Bratrud is worth more than Tony Hawk in 2010?
I wouldn't say worth more but he's definitely there.

What if the world was paying by the pound? Who would be worth more? Todd or Tony?
Todd Bratrud would be worth more.

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