The Dave Bachinsky interview

Think skateboards pro and Lowell, Massachusetts native, Dave Bachinsky broke out on the scene a few years back with a single trick that shocked the skate world. A single and perfect kickflip down the El Toro High School 20-stair is a feat that only Bachinsky has accomplished and one that few have come even close to on comparable gaps since. Despite this grand entry into the world of skate coverage, Bachinsky is in fact a much more low-key guy than you might suspect. He's a technical skater with a grip of creative miniramp tricks on lock. A true, dirty skate rat to the core, Bachinsky is a skateboarder's skateboarder. We got Bachinsky to open up a bit about his daily routine, growing up with his pal Manny Santiago and his progress on the next Think video.

Dan Zaslavsky

Dave Bachinsky finds an amazing, scenic spot to dip into a frontside disaster.

Where are you right now?
I'm in Stewart Florida, about 30 minutes west of North Palm.

What is your life schedule like? Where are you during what times of the year?
Winter time around the end of October I try to head down to Florida. I try to jump around from there, Encinitas, which is where Oakley is out of, and San Francisco, where Think is from, and I try to hang around until the end of October so I can enjoy the fall in Massachusetts. It's the best during the summer. Head up in May or June and kick it there for three or four months.

You're still riding for Oakley, correct?
Yeah, I do the apparel. Thank God for Dylan Radloff. He is keeping it going for me.

How did you go from kickflipping El Toro for the Oakley video to be a bit more of an under the radar kind of guy? Was that by choice?
I just did whatever I do on a normal basis, which I think would be a lot harder if I were out in San Francisco or Southern California. Maybe it would have lead to more coverage or even a whole different path, I don't know. Manny [Santiago] is basically doing that, and he is crushing everything. But I love doing my old routine. I just kind of went with the flow. I'm more of the mellow type. I couldn't be doing what Manny is doing. It's just constant updates, but it's rad. That's where I get my updates.

So you're helping Manny slay all?
I try to help out. When there is a video coming out of Philly or something. But Spanish Mike up in New York has pretty much got that covered.

That's good. Tell me about crashing your dad's brand new BMW.
Dude, you talked to Manny didn't you?

Dan Zaslavsky

Dave bachinsky locks into a lengthy frontside noseslide.

What are you talking about? I don't talk to anybody ...
[Laughs] That was the first week I got my license and I was driving perfect. It was a raw deal. I just got clipped right in the front. I was pulling out to the end of the street and it was a hilly road, when all of a sudden I see headlights and it was these two girls just charging down the road. It was a back road so the speed limit is maybe 35 miles per hour and they were probably going about 45ish. So I tried to reverse but since it was all snowy I got stuck and the girls swerved, not to the left, but to the right and just clipped me. At this time we had curfews since I had just gotten my license and I got hit at about 10. The cops took so long to show up, since they were changing shifts that when they finally got there they gave me crap about being out past midnight. While we were waiting the girls were drinking iced coffees and making snow angels not caring at all, while I'm sitting there freaking out. They knew all the cops there because one of their uncles worked for the police department, so my front tire got all banged up and their license plate popped off. In the end, I got completely screwed. And between my Dad and Manny I've never heard the end of that.

Bummer. Seems like you have some bad luck. What's this I hear about you reading backwards?
Yeah, I am not the greatest reader, probably a bit dyslexic. But I can read the sentences as they come. [Laughs]

Is that thanks to the Lowell education system or did you do that on your own?
I went to catholic school, so I had to do a lot of reading. But I wouldn't say I was the first person to stand up in front of the class. So no, it wasn't the Lowell education system. I'll have to say it's probably my own fault. But I enjoy reading articles on the web.

Have you ever been in a fight with Manny over a microwavable delight?
Oh man. Yeah, I think that's the only time Manny and I have ever fought. So basically, I was out skating in the area and when I got home Manny was already at my house. And when I walked inside I smelled this Ellio's pizza and I'm like, 'Oh man, this is great right now. I need to indulge.' So I grab a plate and go to the other side of the house to sit on the stoop and eat the pizza. And I knew that he was going to be looking for me. So I was down to the last bit and I had it down to a triangle shape and I made it into a heart. And as I take that last bite he opens the door and I immediately drop the plate and start running. Now, he was always pissed because he can't run as fast as me, so he couldn't catch me around the block at all. The whole time we are talking crap to one another and when we finally get back inside things start to cool down. After about five minutes he grabs me, puts me into a headlock, and starts punching me in the leg. He must have given me about 30 dead-legs. I wasn't able to skate for at least two days. He wouldn't get off me so next thing I know, I'm punching him and getting his head. But he's like a beast. He doesn't feel anything. So I'm like, 'Dude, chill out!' I gave up before he did, but I was the one who got to feast on his meal. So kids, don't grab any food from Manny when it's his. [Laughs]

Dan Zaslavsky

Dave Bachinsky holds the line on a coast to coast back tail.

What is next for you?
We just did the "Shape Deuce" video. That's a local video that I've got footage in. It's kind of a bummer because it's all my old Adidas footage. I am super stoked on Adidas and everything they did for me but I wish that I had some new footage. It's two to three years worth of footage, but I wish I had more up to date footage. And we're working on the Think video so all my new footage is going to that. I want to make sure to get some Boston footage this summer. Then I'm having interviews in some smaller mags come out like Bliss and Steeze. I'm going to be doing Dew Tour and hopefully Maloof Money Cup this year. I'm trying to be the guy that slips in. Other than that, I just want to skate with the friends in Boston and New York. Hopefully I'll get to go to Minnesota for a couple weeks. The twin cities have so many spots. And obviously I'll end up in San Francisco at some point as well.

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