Skeleton Crew: "Group Effect"

Skeleton Crew

The anti-video: Skeleton Crew.

Skeleton Crew go-list point dudes Evan Lefebvre and Java Fernandez have just released the full teaser for "Group Effect." What to expect? As they put it, "All homeys. No nerds." That list would include, among others, Jarad Hadi, Ricky Tucker, Chris Bradshaw, Johnny Miller, Jonas Michilot, Jeff Kramer, Harrison Gordon, Josh Mills, Louie Paradise, Alex Cantin, Darrell Mathes, Chris Grenier, Chris Carr, Cody Rosenthal, Nick Dirks, Tyler Verigin, and, word has it, Austin Smith's only part of the year. Full video drops Noveber 2009, on the web, for free. Basically, the Skeleton Crew is a no politics, no profit project. They just doin' it for the homies. Check the teaser after the jump.

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