More Air!

Courtesy Acrobag

Like landing in pow, only not at all.

If you're on the fence about throwing down for summer camp this year, you might want to know that Whistler's Camp of Champions just announced an on-snow airbag for all four sessions this summer.

The "Acrobag" made its debut a few summers ago but needed a few tweaks before returning in full force. COC Founder Ken Achenbach, a notorious airbag himself, had this to say: "We couldn't be more stoked to have O'Neill's airbag in our park this summer. The proper changes have been made to ensure this thing will go off and campers and coaches will find themselves achieving levels of riding they never thought possible with the assistance of this airbag."

As tricks get ever bigger and spins get harder to count, expect to see more innovations like the Acrobag wherever snowboarders want to push it. Driver's side? Passenger side? It don't matter as long as you got an airbag.

For more details on the device click here.

For updates on bag placement within the banger COC park, dimensions and absurd carcass tossing check the COC's blog here.

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