Meet the X Games Aspen 2018 Zoom photo contest finalists

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Meet the finalists of the X Games Aspen 2018 Zoom photography contest. Go to to see all of the photos and vote for your favorite image. The photographer with the most votes will receive $10,000 and a gold medal for action sports photography. The winner will be announced Sunday, Jan. 28, during the live broadcast of X Games Aspen.

Stuart Gibson /
Stuart Gibson
Tasmania, Australia
A native Tasmanian, Stuart Gibson got serious about photography around 2003. Although he always loved cameras and filming, it wasn't until he borrowed a friends pro dSLR that he fell in love with still photography and the quality of images he could create. Shooting on 35 mm slide film was a great and expensive test to learn the skills to become a photographer. He specializes in action photography shot from the water, with surfing and kiteboarding being his primary passions. In the past few years, aerial stills and video have also become a large part of his work.

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Jussi Grznar /
Jussi Grznar
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Teaching himself to ski at the age of 3 in the former Czechoslovakia, Jussi Grznar's love for the mountains and the exhilaration of a life lived outdoors was solidified at an early age. He has a continual appreciation for the environment around him and values photography as a means to document life. His work has taken him across the globe through numerous mountain ranges, rice fields, double-overhead barreling waves to the Ghats of Varanasi. These experiences have earned him a global perspective, resulting in a unique style -- a style that was recognized and awarded "Best in Show" and "People's Choice" at the 2016 World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, British Columbia. Grznar is a storyteller at heart, always searching for the next defining moment.

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Grant Gunderson /
Grant Gunderson
Bellingham, Washington
One of the outdoor industry's most published photographers, Grant Gunderson founded The Ski Journal magazine, for which he served as photo editor for more than six years. In addition to curating his passion for the mountains, he has shot for nearly every major snow-sports, bike and outdoor publication worldwide. He currently serves as a senior photographer for Powder Magazine and is photo emeritus of The Ski Journal. From Iceland to Patagonia, Gunderson routinely produces unique, deep-powder imagery and authentically documents the lifestyle and culture of skiing. Beyond his editorial work, Gunderson's work is featured in ongoing marketing campaigns with many respected outdoor brands. He skis close to 200 days a year, and when he is not on snow, you can find him on his bike or trekking throughout North America and beyond.  

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Erin Hogue /
Erin Hogue
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Six years ago, Erin Hogue took a chance and moved to Whistler, British Columbia, with a backpack, a camera and the hopes of taking photos in the backcountry. Mountains and the people who explore them are her primary muses. Inspired by adventure and a good challenge, Hogue's winters are spent in the backcountry accessing remote locations on a snowmobile. In the summers, she heads south, where the ocean, desert and rainforests become her prominent backdrops.

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Christian Pondella /
Christian Pondella
Mammoth, California
Christian Pondella is one of the top adventure-sports photographers in the world. He is based in Mammoth Lakes, California, on the spectacular east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. One of the elements that makes Pondella's work distinctive in a competitive field is his ability to get up close and personal -- and often way, way out there with his subjects. An accomplished ice climber, rock climber, ski mountaineer and extreme athlete in his own right, he is always a fundamental part of the team on whatever adventure he's shooting. Having to move faster and carry significantly more weight than anyone else gives him a unique and intimate perspective at the cutting edge of human endeavor. Not only does he have an eye for the shot, but he can actually put himself where he needs to be to get it.

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Sean Kerrick Sullivan /
Sean Kerrick Sullivan
Salt Lake City, Utah
Sean Kerrick Sullivan is an American photographer with a global office, audience and clientele. His passion for mountains and nature blends well with an appreciation of art and a thirst for knowledge. His work has broken new ground in the world of photography, earning awards and gracing magazine covers and ad campaigns around the world. Sullivan has dedicated his life to his craft, which he says is a journey of discovery and inspiration.

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