Meet the X Games Aspen 2020 Zoom photo contest finalists

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Meet the finalists of the X Games Aspen 2020 Zoom photography contest. Go to to see all of the photos and vote for your favorite image. The photographer with the most votes will receive $10,000 and an X Games gold medal for action sports photography. The winner will be announced during the live broadcast of X Games Aspen.

Courtesy Brent Benson
Brent Benson
Salt Lake City, Utah

I grew up in Lake Placid, New York and moved to Utah in 1990. When I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1998, my skiing slowed down and I picked up a camera. I wanted to document the world of underground skiing. I had my first photo published October 1999 in Powder Magazine. It was a two-page spread of Chad's Gap. Since then, I've had shots published all over the world. I'm strictly freelance; I've had only a couple paid assignments so I work hard in the summer running my own painting business. I prefer it this way, because no one can tell me what I can or can't do. Creative freedom is everything. I like to shock people with what skiers can do, that way I can bring you the stoke.

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Courtesy Daniel Bernstål
Daniel Bernstål
Galve, Sweden

I grew up in a small village called Rengsjö located on the Swedish countryside. My love for action sports started when I watched my older brother take his first turns on his snowboard. From that day on I was hooked. In 2010 I suffered a nasty knee injury that required multiple surgeries and years of physio. Somehow that made me get into photography. It felt good to still be in the sports that I loved but with a camera instead. Since then I've had covers on some of the biggest snowboard/skateboard mags out there and traveled the globe to shoot. My imagination is pushing me forward and I want my photos to be limitless. I see it as a creative competition against myself, how unique photos can i make? A couple of years ago photography was my hobby. Today I'm stoked to say it's my profession.

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Courtesy Mark Clinton
Mark Clinton
Sydney, Australia

From his origins on Sydney's northern beaches, Mark Clinton has drawn from locations far and wide, making his name both in stunning outdoor environments and the intimacy of lifestyle moments. From mountaintops to the surf and everything in between, his ability to find the heart of a scene has allowed him a unique photography career. While the environment, and pushing himself within it, is a key part of what drives him, he is equally fascinated by the small moments and the intrigue of humanity.

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Courtesy Peter Morning
Peter Morning
Mammoth Lakes, California

Peter Morning grew up in the small community of Mammoth Lakes, California surrounded by the Eastern Sierra Mountains. The son of a ski coach father and photographer mother, Peter inherited a love of both his parents' passions. Peter started ski racing as a young child, and shortly thereafter he started to show an interest in photography. He started begging his mother to let him borrow her camera to photograph local sporting events and fortunately, she agreed.

Peter went on to study photography in school, and then he mentored with some of the top photographers in the Mammoth area. Within a short time he started to cultivate a style that was uniquely his own. It wasn't long before Peter was offered a position as a photographer for Mammoth Mountain thus paving the way to his photographing national and international events. Peter has developed an impressive client list including some of the world's top athletes. His photos can be found across the Internet and on the pages of major sports magazines.

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Courtesy Dasha Nosova
Dasha Nosova
Moscow, Russia

I'm from Moscow, Russia. At the age of 16, I discovered what snowboarding is about after a friend showed me a couple of snowboard magazines. I instantly fell in love with what I saw and kept an eye for what was going down in the industry.

I started photography shortly after I got my first camera for the New Year. When I finally developed my style I started working freelance for Forum Snowboards in Russia and went on trips from time to time shooting their team riders. Soon after I started taking photos for Nike Snowboarding. In the span of three years I got to visit most of the major events, meet many insane riders, and on top of that made a lot of new friends. These days I travel the world on both competition circuit and various film projects.

I also shoot other action sports as it gives me a lot of inspiration to try something new in something unfamiliar. I think it's safe to say that what once was a hobby has become a profession and I feel truthfully blessed to be able to do what I love for a living.

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Courtesy Scott Serfas
Scott Serfas
Whistler, Canada

Scott Serfas was born in the suburbs of Vancouver where nothing separated him from the North Pole but a stained wooden fence and crushed decorative rock. At age sixteen, he was abducted from high school by an unsuspecting church organization and forced to ski moguls and perform daffy's off lemmings leap under the 7th heaven chairlift-the original stimulus for Scott's interest in air time photography. Overwhelmed by the vast terrain and deep powder of the two mega resorts, Scott escaped the grip of skiing church group to acquire his first snowboard. Later that year he moved into a friends VW van that they would park nightly underground, below the conference center, where they would steal power from the last stall of the third floor to heat the '73 Westfalia.

He subsisted on leftover food from the Rendezvous restaurant a top Blackcomb Mountain and wore clothing left in the lost and found. During the early 1990s he acquired his first Canon camera when a drunk French-Canadian freestyle skier, being pursued by the RCMP, stashed it along with twenty rolls of unexposed Fuji Provia and a half bottle of Rye Whiskey in stall number three of the Garfinkel's washroom. Scott's destiny was sealed. After exposing all the film shooting up-and-coming professional snowboarders like Devun Walsh, Kevin Sansalone and Rob Dow he mustered enough courage to submit the color slides to Concrete Powder Magazine.

From his first photo published in Concrete Powder his fame grew. He made a fortune and spent it on bottles of Royal Reserve whiskey for the Chesterfield House parties and Jager shots for friends at Tommy Africa's. In 1998, the worlds largest and most prestigious snowboard magazine, Transworld SNOWboarding, recruited him as a senior photographer. Since that day he has had thousands of photos published for clients worldwide with more than 100 magazine covers to his name. Today, Scott still shoots full time the sports he loves; Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Surfing and Biking but recently has shifted some focus towards commercial photography working for Clients such as Filson, Red Bull, Lululemon, Whistler-Blackcomb and GQ.

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