Being: Tom Wallisch

3 days ago

Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tom Wallisch grew up outside the boundaries of a traditional ski environment and forged a new path forward in freeskiing, utilizing web videos and an urban ski approach.

X Games Aspen 2019: Freeski Preview

11 days ago

X Games host Brandon Graham sits down with freeski commentators Tom Wallisch and Jen Hudak to preview all things freeskiing at X Games Aspen 2019.

Nick Goepper: Athlete Profile

7 days ago

X Games Men's Ski Slopestyle contender Nick Goepper spent five years living out of his travel bag. Now a homeowner, Goepper takes no credit for the interior decorating.

Joss Christensen's The Missing Peace

10 days ago

Joss Christensen has nearly fulfilled his childhood dreams, with a silver medal at X Games and an Olympic gold medal to top it off. But Joss has to maintain a connection to his roots - X Games gold is "The Missing Peace" of his puzzle.

Road To X: David Wise

11 days ago

The Road To X Games isn't all travel and glory. For Reno, Nevada's David Wise, who made a name for himself in Ski SuperPipe, it also involves agility training and nutrition fine-tuning.

Sarah Hoefflin: Athlete Profile

11 days ago

She might be a late-bloomer on the X Games Women's Ski Big Air circuit, but she's got a 2018 gold medal and a degree in neuroscience to show for it.

Maggie Voisin: Athlete Profile

11 days ago

In 2018, Maggie Voisin won Women's Ski Slopestyle gold at X Games and decided to take an epic backcountry trip to celebrate. That trip gave her new goals as she heads into X Games Aspen 2019.

Kelly Sildaru: Athlete Profile

11 days ago

Estonia's Kelly Sildaru burst onto the ski scene at a young age. Now 16, with her first major knee injury out of the way, Sildaru is back for Women's Ski Slopestyle at X Games Aspen 2019.

James Woods: Athlete Profile

11 days ago

Sheffield, England isn't known as a typical hotbed for X Games Ski Slopestyle talent, but the U.K.'s own James Woods has made it work to his advantage on his new YouTube channel.

Alex Ferreira: Athlete Profile

11 days ago

Aspen local Alex Ferreira refers to the X Games as the "Super Bowl of Skiing" for a reason, since it's the one event each year that his friends drop everything to watch.