Colby Raha

Disciplines: Moto XFrom: Palmdale, CA USA USABorn: 08/30/94

About Colby

Colby Raha (RAH-ha) scored a walk-off gold medal in his X Games debut at Minneapolis 2017 in the inaugural QuarterPipe High Air event. Raha, a former amateur motocross racer, has a strong background in BMX, and says it helps on the quarterpipe. Two months prior to XG MPLS 2017, Raha was working two full-time construction jobs. Thanks to sponsors, he no longer works and now rides full-time.

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X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Minneapolis 2018 MTX Step Up3rd
X Games Minneapolis 2018 MTX Quarterpipe High Air2nd
X Games Minneapolis 2017 MTX Quarterpipe High Air1st