Rick Thorne launches Thorns And Grit

X Games veteran and Monster Energy sponsored BMX athlete Rick Thorne is back with a new music video for his latest single, "The Fire Inside."

He's ridden in the X Games, he's acted alongside Vin Diesel in Hollywood movies, he's labored long hours as one of Mat Hoffman's original Sprocket Jockeys on the original Hoffman Bikes BMX team, and he's released a fairly large body of music under his former band Good Guys In Black and now under his own name.

But his latest venture adds another facet to the body of work that is BMX lifer Rick Thorne. Alongside debuting a new music video (featured above) for his latest single "The Fire Inside," Thorne and partner Steven "Gritty" Lombardi have launched a new clothing brand dubbed Thorns And Grit.

"Even though I ride BMX, we are not a BMX-only brand," says Thorne, who has also doubled as a TV host for ESPN, radio personality for SiriusXM Radio and a character in both Mat Hoffman and Tony Hawk's video games. "It's a brand that transcends action sports. We're designing clothing for everyone from music to sports to art to life in general."

Thorne, who formerly rode for Sullen Brand Clothing, decided to step out on his own in search of a brand that spoke more directly to his friends and fans. Beginning as a solo venture under the Thorne name, Thorne began printing t-shirts featuring slogans that echoed his BMX roots and hardcore music past. But with Thorns And Grit, the duo are expanding their aims.

Thorns And Grit

"We're taking everything that has inspired us over the years, from art to BMX riding to music, and then mashing it up and putting it out in the world for people," said Thorne's partner Lombardi. "It's all about life's ride and what gets you through it."

The brand currently offers a selection of designs aimed at men and women, and features inspirational slogans that include "All shall be rad" and "We all start somewhere." As for Thorne's new video, which is sponsored by Monster Energy and Monster Music, "The Fire Inside" features FMX rider Colin Morrison, Strung Out drummer Jordan Burns, model Amber Brauner and a handful of Thorne's closest BMX and skateboarding friends. Directed by BMX veteran filmmaker Glenn PP Milligan, the video features bowl riding to identify with the theme of the song. "We all face different transitions in life. Like an empty pool, every transition is different, so you gotta be able to adapt," says Thorne.

With Thorns And Grit, Rick Thorne is adapting yet again to a new role in life.

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