Kevin Robinson, X Games BMX gold medalist, dies at age 45

Joshua Duplechian/ESPN

Kevin Robinson, seen here performing at X Games Los Angeles 2012, died Saturday of stroke. He was 45.

Veteran BMX professional, Guinness Book of World Records holder and X Games veteran Kevin Robinson died Saturday morning of a stroke. The news was confirmed by NBC 10 News in Rhode Island. Robinson was 45.

"Today my family lost a very special person. Rest easy Uncle Kevin, you'll be missed and we will never forget you," said Robinson family member Taegan Salera via Twitter.

A BMX rider since the mid 1980s, Robinson rose from the New England BMX scene to international stardom after his addition to the Hoffman Bikes team in 1992. A competitor at the inaugural X Games in 1995, Robinson contributed much to BMX, in addition to the communities around his hometown of East Providence, Rhode Island, through his K-Rob Foundation. He was the first person to land a double flair, debuting it at X Games 2006; it took nine years for anyone else to do it successfully. He owns 10 X Games medals, including four gold, and went 27-feet above a quarterpipe in 2008, higher than anyone has gone on a BMX bike.

By the time Robinson retired from competition in 2013, he had spent nearly 25 years pushing BMX progression. In August of 2016, Robinson emerged from retirement to to attempt a Guinness World Record for longest power assisted bicycle backflip in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Robinson crashed on his first attempt, but landed his second attempt in front of a live crowd for ABC's "World of X Games." Robinson's completed jump spanned 84 feet, which he dedicated to "the great state of Rhode Island."

"I'm completely shocked, like the rest of our world is. Kevin had the biggest heart. He is eager for every day. Like he was a little kid going to a carnival. He is enthusiastic for every step he took. He is the proudest parent, loyal, loving, caring and tough as hell. He is one of a kind," said BMX sponsor and friend Mat Hoffman via Instagram.

Robinson is survived by wife Robin Adams Robinson and three children, in addition to an extensive family in the East Providence, Rhode Island area.

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