Action wraps up at X Games Austin 2015

Thomas Pagès wins a gold medal in the inaugural Toyota Moto X QuarterPipe event at X Games Austin 2015.

AUSTIN, Texas -- France's Thomas Pagès, a freestyle motocross quarterpipe pioneer, won gold Sunday in the X Games debut of Toyota Moto X QuarterPipe. Pagès won by throwing a revolutionary bike flip on his second run, a trick he became the first to land in competition when he did it at Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid in 2014.

Pagès crashed on his first attempt on Sunday but landed the bike flip on his second run for a score of 95.33, beating out eventual silver medalist Levi Sherwood, who performed his signature Egg Roll trick and scored 93.

Pagès has had more access to quarterpipes than most of his competitors -- he's been riding quarterpipes since 2007 at private training compounds.

"Tom started hitting the quarterpipe a lot a few years ago, and it motivated people," says 2014 X-Fighters champ Josh Sheehan. "He wasn't the first to hit it, but he was the first to add rotations. He's the one who perfected the flair and flair combinations."

Sheehan, who recently landed the first triple backflip in motocross history at Travis Pastrana's house in Maryland, took the bronze medal.

In Moto X Best Whip, also held Sunday, Jarryd McNeil won his first X Games gold with 59 percent of the fan vote, followed by Tom Parsons in silver and Todd Potter in bronze.


Nyjah Huston wins a gold medal in the Monster Energy Men's Skateboard Street final at X Games Austin 2015.

Men's Skateboard Street


Defending gold medalist Nyjah Huston shut out the competition winning the Monster Energy Men's Skateboard Street gold medal on Sunday. This makes seven X Games gold medals for Huston, six of them in Skateboard Street.

Huston posted a score of 93 in his first run and bettered it in his second run. His winning run included a massive kickflip off the roof, a kickflip backlip on the down rail, and a half Cab to backside smith back 180 down the rail for a final score of 94, giving him an 11-point lead ahead of silver medalist Chaz Ortiz, who earned his first X Games medal.

"Every win takes a lot of hard work and practice on the course and a lot of preparation," Huston said. "I'm stoked that I was able to put down those first two runs and not put too much pressure on myself."

Ortiz finished with a high score of 83 on his first run with a half Cab to backside smith and a kickflip backlip down the rail. "It's a big course and 50 seconds is a lot of time so I had to cram all I could in," Ortiz said.

Seven-time X Games medalist Ryan Sheckler took the bronze with an 82.


Sheldon Creed wins a gold medal in the Off-Road Truck Racing final at X Games Austin 2015.

Off-Road Truck Racing


Seventeen-year-old Sheldon Creed won his first X Games gold medal in Off-Road Truck Racing on Sunday, besting the 2014 silver medal he won in last year's event.

"I just wanted to come here and back it up," said Creed, who just wrapped up his junior year of high school. "To be an X Games gold medalist, that's so rad and something that I've been looking to do since I was little."

Creed got the lead on a clean start in the field of 10 trucks, followed by Kyle Leduc and Robby Gordon. Leduc later received a black flag calling him to the penalty area, but he ignored it, resulting in a disqualification.

Creed had a solid lead on Keegan Kincaid, who had passed Gordon and separated himself from the rest of the field. Approaching lap 12, Kincaid lost control on a landing and rolled his truck, leading to a red flag to halt the race. The race was called at that point and the podium held with Creed taking gold, followed by Gordon with silver and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. with the bronze.

Travis Pastrana experienced mechanical issues and had to pull out of the race after the first lap in finals. NASCAR Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace, who made his X Games debut this week at age 58, didn't advance past the last chance qualifier.


Bob Burnquist and Morgan Wade win gold in the Big Air Doubles final at X Games Austin 2015.

Skateboard/BMX Doubles


The final day of competition kicked off Sunday at X Games Austin 2015 with Bob Burnquist and Morgan Wade taking the win in the debut of Big Air Doubles on the MegaRamp.

In the new event, four teams consisting of one skateboarder and one BMX rider paired up to post the highest individual scores, which were combined to determined the winning team. Burnquist and Wade took the lead on the third run with both riders earning their highest scores together.

Wade, who scored a silver medal Saturday night in BMX Big Air, landed a Superman backflip over the gap to a 20-foot-high double tailwhip. Burnquist, who is battling a wrist injury but still won gold on Friday in Skateboard Big Air, followed with a switch ollie one-foot over the gap to a forward to fakie 720 on the quarterpipe.

"I'm just excited to have another shot at riding the ramp," Wade said. "That alone is worth everything to me because I only get to ride this a week out of the year."

Burnquist said he was a fan of competing as a team. "It's a different dynamic because I don't want to let him down and I'm sure he's thinking the same," he said.

Steve McCann and Elliot Sloan earned the silver medal, and Tom Schaar and Zack Warden took the bronze.

Skateboard Vert Best Trick


Elliot Sloan won the Skateboard Vert Best Trick gold medal Sunday in a 30-minute jam-style format. This marks the return of Skateboard Vert Best Trick, which was last contested at X Games in 2006.

Sloan won with a heelflip Indy 720. "I've only done that trick once about four years ago," Sloan said. "I had to dig super deep to try and make that, mentally and physically I was just really pushing it." This is Sloan's first gold and third medal earned at this X Games; he also won silver in Big Air Doubles and Skateboard Big Air.

Bob Burnquist came close to winning his record 30th X Games gold medal after winning gold in Big Air Doubles on Sunday morning, but instead walked away with the silver medal, his seventh Vert Best Trick medal. Sam Beckett took bronze.

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