Schedule Type
Thursday, January 25
Special Olympics Unified SnowboardingBig Air
Women's Ski SuperPipe FinalSuperPipe
Snowmobile Speed & StyleSnowmobile
LifeProof Men's Ski SuperPipe FinalSuperPipe
Friday, January 26
Jeep Women's Snowboard Slopestyle FinalSlopestyle Course
Snowmobile FreestyleSnowmobile
The Real Cost Men's Snowboard Big AirBig Air
Saturday, January 27
Jeep Women's Ski SlopestyleSlopestyle Course
Women's Snowboard Big AirBig Air
Jeep Men's Snowboard SlopestyleSlopestyle Course
Snow BikeCrossSnowBike
The Real Cost Men's Ski Big AirBig Air
SoFi Women's Snowboard SuperPipeSuperPipe
Sunday, January 28
Women's Ski Big AirBig Air
Jeep Men's Ski SlopestyleSlopestyle
MarshmelloGEICO Music Stage
Monster Energy Men's Snowboard SuperPipeSuperPipe
Snow Bike Best TrickSnowBike
Harley-Davidson Snow Hill ClimbSuperPipe