X Games Norway 2018: Introducing Chris Abolade

X Games Norway

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Chris Abolade, aka ABBO, is part of the creative collective BROSLO. Broslo is deeply connected with X Games Norway through design, art exhibitions, party extravaganzas and music.

A man of contradictions, ABBO thrives on pressure but still believes that there are two things that should never be forced; emotions and creativity. His most recent release 'Tranquilo,' certified gold in his native Norway and still going strong, is ostensibly a love song but with lyrics inspired by the pressure of expectation he sees, feels, and even puts upon himself. "You can work hard at anything but at some point you just have to let things happen of their own accord. The body and brain can be pushed, but the heart cannot," says Abbo.

So while the outside of Chris Abolade is a testament to his physical agility, his music is a testament to his ability to be tranquil and creative in a world where everything is dialed up to eleven.


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