Real Street 2016: Chris Joslin

Watch Chris Joslin's gold-medal-winning entry into X Games Real Street 2016, the all-video, all-street skateboarding contest, then tune in for the full behind-the-scenes snow on the making of Real Street, Saturday, May 14, on ABC.

Chris Joslin might be one of the gnarliest street skateboarders on the planet. In the short two years since breaking on the scene he's blown minds, gone from flow-bro to pro for Plan B skateboards and starred in their "True" -- outshining legends like Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill and PJ Ladd. Granted, Real Street is anybody's contest to win but it will be hard for anyone to take it out of Joslin's hands. You opened up your part with a fist bump from a police officer. What was the story there?
Chris Joslin:
He gave me one last try and it worked out.

Despite skateboarding's popularity it is still regarded as a criminal activity in many places. What have your experiences been like with the law while skating?
It's been pretty mellow up until just recently. Actually, I feel like cops are more pissed these days. I just try to be cool to them: "Yes sir. No sir," and all that.

Have you had any run-ins with the law that didn't go so well?
I haven't had any bad ones. Just recently we were in Burbank, though, and my homie was filming on the fence when a school safety rolls up and tells him there's cops around the corner to get down and get out. I tried the trick one last time and got fortunate enough to roll away. Then they took our names down and said if they ever catch us on Burbank school premises again we'll be cited.

Real Street is an entirely different sort of contest than skating is used to. What are your thoughts on it?
I like Real Street better because you can work at your own pace and not at the speed of a 45- or 60-second clock, allowing you to express your full capabilities.

What was your approach to filming this Real Street part and how has your approach to filming changed over the years?
My approach for this part wasn't much different then previous ones. I was told about Real Street like nine months ago but didn't quite buckle down until the last couple months. I seem to get more done on last minute terms for some reason.

How long did it take you to film this Real Street part?
Real Street took a good two-to-three months to film, along with filming a Venture "Awake" part at the same time for this truck that's dropping.

What trick took the longest for you to get?
Definitely be the back 3 kickflip over the water gap in San Diego.

You filmed your Plan B part on a torn ACL. How's the knee feeling? Did you ever get it repaired, because there hasn't seemed like any shortage of your footage since Be True dropped?
Nope. I haven't got the ACL repaired yet, but that knee seems to be feeling super solid these days. It's actually the opposite one that has a little pain these days.

Who do you think is going to win this year?
I think Torey [Pudwill] is going to have a sick one this year!

If you could see a new one-minute-long part from anyone past/present/future who would it be?
A new minute part from Ryan Denman would be sick because you can see how much fun he has when he skates! Maybe once the knee is solid. I heard some talks.

What's coming up next for you?
I'm just working on some more Plan B stuff, always, and the new Etnies videos in the works.

Lastly, if you win the 20 grand what are you going to do with it?
All my money's been going towards saving up for a house.

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