Chanelle Sladics keeps moving

Zac Hooper

Don't think she's distracted: Sladics won the Asian Open slopestyle event in 2009.

Chanelle Sladics is never bored.

The six-time Winter X competitor and 2008 Slopestyle bronze medalist from Newport Beach, Calif., turned pro in 2004 and hasn't looked back. She's competed in oodles of contests, landed on a ton of podiums and competed in two separate Winter X Games disciplines over the course of seven years.

But snowboarding is just one facet of the petite, blond ripper's always-active life. Take the fall of 2008. Between snowboarding forays, Sladics partnered with her best friend, professional surfer Rochelle Ballard, to produce a yoga DVD called "Surf into Yoga with Rochelle Ballard." The DVD was a hit, selling out internationally. "It was such an amazing experience," Sladics said in Breckenridge at the opening Winter Dew Tour event of the 2009-10 season. "I love sharing wellness, and I'm super passionate about health. I'm learning so much about it myself." Her increasing knowledge and use of yoga as a mental and physical tool has changed her life.

"I've never had so much energy in my life," she said. "It's really cool to feel the results and to be an example and use the little voice I have in snowboarding to promote good things. The yoga video facilitates all that."

Jeff Weatherall

A frontside celebration of a happy home: Sladics' backyard mini in Oceanside, Calif.

Fast forward another year, and Sladics is putting that energy to good use. What did she do over the summer? She spent two months in Hawaii learning how to free dive and cave dive. She started working on her sky-diving license, rebuilt a mini ramp in her Oceanside, Calif., home's backyard (no easy task), replanted and redesigned her backyard garden where she grows myriad fresh veggies and learned to ride motocross, all while keeping up with her prolific skateboarding and surfing habits.

She lives with pro wakeboarder Jeff Weatherall, among other roommates, and their house is full of skateboards, wakeboards, motorcycles and parachutes. "You've never been to a house with more action-packed energy," Sladics said.

For Sladics, though, it's just one piece of the pie; she also focuses heavily on contest riding throughout the season. In 2009 she won the Nippon X-Trail Asian Open and scored podium finishes at the Burton U.S. Open and the Mt. Snow Winter Dew Tour. Traveling across the world and back for competition is something she says has changed her life as well.

Jianca Lazarus

Frozen water, tropical water; either one will do.

"It's an eye-opening experience," she said, noting that in the last year, especially, she's spent a lot of time traveling. "I've never really gotten on a plane pretty much every five nights for three months and just country-hopped. I felt like a gypsy, but it's been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life."

She approaches and enjoys the travel much like she enjoys life: by embracing and pursuing as much as she can in the time she's given. Her description of learning to appreciate where she travels for snowboarding with her friends can be applied to her life path in general.

"We've really made a point to realize where we are and where we are going at each stop," she said. "Instead of just going to Japan and feeling like it was Tahoe, we're making sure we stay an extra day or two in Tokyo and get to really enjoy the journey of it."