Tyler Bereman

Disciplines: Moto XFrom: Templeton, CA USA USABorn: 08/27/91

About Tyler

Tyler Bereman (BEAR-man) made a splash in his second X Games at Minneapolis 2017. The former professional AMA Supercross and Motocross racer earned bronze in Best Whip and was in line for gold in QuarterPipe High Air before the content's final run, when Colby Raha pushed him to silver. Prior to XG, Bereman had never hit the 18-foot ramp used for the comp. Bereman has a loose, laidback, carefree style and personality and doesn't put much pressure on himself. Hasn't competed in pro AMA SX and MX the last two years due to stunt work, other projects and X Games. Says he may return to racing one day.

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X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Minneapolis 2018 MTX Best Whip4th
X Games Minneapolis 2018 MTX Quarterpipe High Air3rd
X Games Real Moto 2017 Real Moto3rd
X Games Minneapolis 2017 MTX Quarterpipe High Air2nd
X Games Minneapolis 2017 MTX Best Whip3rd
X Games Los Angeles 2013 MTX Racing19th