Shaun White

Disciplines: SnowboardFrom: Carlsbad, CA USA USABorn: 09/03/86

About Shaun

Now 28, Shaun White was an awkward teenage wunderkind when he first debuted at X Games 2000 at age 13. He's since blossomed into an international superstar and debonair multi-sport professional in both skateboarding and snowboarding. He's also CEO of Shaun White Enterprises, a rock star and a part-time actor. He is the majority stakeholder of the iconic Air & Style events, which premieres in LA in Feb. 2015 and will air as part of World of X Games. While White won't compete in A&S, he'll be playing lead guitar with his band, Bad Things. In his 22 XG appearances White has 23 medals overall and 15 gold. He's also a two-time Winter Olympic gold medalist in halfpipe.

  • White has 23 total X Games medals across 22 appearances. White owns 15 X Games golds, the most in event history. He was also the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympic gold medalist in snowboard halfpipe and is the only athlete to score a perfect 100 in X Games SuperPipe in 2012.

X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Aspen 2015 SBD SuperPipe4th
Winter X Games Aspen 2013 SBD Slopestyle5th
Winter X Games Aspen 2013 SBD SuperPipe1st
Winter X Games Aspen 2012 SBD SuperPipe1st
X Games 2011 SKB Vert1st
Winter X 2011 SBD SuperPipe1st
Winter X 2011 SBD Slopestyle13th
X Games 2010 SKB Vert2nd
Winter X 2010 SBD SuperPipe1st
Winter X 2009 SBD Slopestyle1st
Winter X 2009 SBD SuperPipe1st
X Games 2008 SKB Vert3rd
Winter X 2008 SBD SuperPipe1st
Winter X 2008 SBD Slopestyle3rd
X Games 2007 SKB Vert1st
Winter X 2007 SBD SuperPipe2nd
Winter X 2007 SBD Slopestyle3rd
X Games 2006 SKB Vert8th
X Games 2006 SKB Vert Best Trick4th
Winter X 2006 SBD Slopestyle1st
Winter X 2006 SBD SuperPipe1st
X Games 2005 SKB Vert Best Trick6th
X Games 2005 SKB Vert2nd
Winter X 2005 SBD Slopestyle1st
Winter X 2005 SBD SuperPipe4th
X Games 2004 SKB Vert10th
Winter X 2004 SBD Slopestyle1st
Winter X 2004 SBD SuperPipe10th
X Games 2003 SKB Vert6th
Winter X 2003 SBD SuperPipe1st
Winter X 2003 SBD Slopestyle1st
Winter X 2002 SBD SuperPipe2nd
Winter X 2002 SBD Slopestyle2nd
Winter X 2001 SBD SuperPipe9th
Winter X 2001 SBD Slopestyle7th
Winter X 2000 SBD SuperPipe15th