Chipotle Snowboard Knuckle Huck

Knuckle Huck is judged on originality, difficulty, creativity, style, and trajectory.


snowboard knuckle huck

Knuckle Huck in Brief

For the Knuckle Huck course, riders utilize the deck, rollover (knuckle) and landing of the Big Air jump. Athletes perform their maneuvers leaving the knuckle of the feature and finish in the landing area. Snowboarders will often press the nose or the tail of their board to initiate their quick yet technical tricks.

The Knuckle Huck competition will be a 20-minute jam session, with 8 riders taking as many runs as possible and will be ranked based on overall impression.

Knuckle Huck is judged on execution and difficulty of maneuvers, variety, progression of attempt, originality and style.

Rules at a Glance:

  • 1 heat of 8 athletes
  • 20 minute Jam Session
  • As many runs as time permits
  • Score based on overall impression