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Kio Hayakawa at X Games
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Grace Warner at X Games
Eileen Gu at X Games
Mia Brookes X Games Aspen

Mia Brookes: Metal And Medals

Mia Brookes has goals. “My first year in Aspen didn’t go the way I wanted, so since then I’ve been waking up every day just blasting music and manifesting: I’m gonna win X Games this year! Everyone’s going down!” she says. “I’ve got nothing against anyone, I just want the gold!”

Eileen Gu

Global Star Eileen Gu Returns

Eileen Gu is like many 20-year-olds: She attends college full-time and likes to ski on the weekends and holidays. She has roommates and belongs to a sorority. She loves her book club and even started a college basketball club. But Eileen Gu is like no other 20-year-olds. She’s one of one. The sophomore at Stanford University graduated early from a prestigious high school, aced her SATs and excels in quantum physics. Those ski weekends? In December, she was in China and Colorado for halfpipe World Cup comps, which she won. Her November break was a ski camp in Europe...

Nick Goepper at X Games

(Re)Brand New: Nick Goepper’s Next Move

Nick Goepper acts the nerd in front of a white board, Volkl skis -- one of his two remaining sponsors -- leaning against the wall. With tape on his glasses and tie loosened, the X Games champ pulls a marker from his shirt pocket and addresses the assumption that skiing is for the rich. The Instagram clip is a bit, sorta, an attempt at relevance in a space Goepper once found uncomfortable and often avoided. Instead, Goepper went the traditional route: a play-it-straight smalltown Indiana native who became a clean-cut action sports star. Or as he puts it: “I was the goody two-shoes competition guy for a decade"....