Orchard - Boston, MA

Showdown Bracket Matchup for May 2nd

Day two of the #XGamesShowdown! The South brings the heat with Tarpon Springs, Florida's Westside Skate Shop and Charlotte, North Carolina's Black Sheep Skate Shop facing off.

Westside - Tarpon Springs, FL

Black Sheep - Charlotte, NC

Today's Showdown Bracket Matchup for May 3rd

Day three of the #XGamesShowdown heads West! Pharmacy Boardshop, with over two decades of experience, faces off against the rising star Rose Street Skate Shop. Both shops have top-name pros and sponsored ams on their teams, elevating the competition.

Rose Street - Encinitas, CA

Pharmacy - Victorville, CA

Today's Showdown Bracket Matchup for May 4th

Get ready for a showdown between Oklahoma City, OK, and Lawrence, KS, as Core Board Shop and River Rat Skate Shop battle in the #XGamesShowdown. Will Clint Walker bring the hijinx he's known for? Watch and find out! The 24-hour voting clock is ticking!

Core - Oklahoma City, OK

River Rat - Lawrence, KS

Today's Showdown Bracket Matchup for May 5th

Practically neighbors, Philadelphia's Nocturnal and New Jersey's NJ Skateshop bring us back east for day five of the #XGamesShowdown! With 16 skate shops battling it out for 10k, it's time to show your support.

Nocturnal - Philadelphia, PA

NJ - Jersey City, NJ

Today's Showdown Bracket Matchup for May 6th

Southern hospitality at its finest! Day six of the #XGamesShowdown features Durham's Manifest and Houston's Geometric, both coming through with sick videos!

Manifest - Durham, NC

Geometric - Houston, TX

Today's Showdown Bracket Matchup for May 7th

AZ and CO where you at?! Day 7 of the X Games Showdown features the stacked lineup of Tempe AZ's Faces and Denver CO's 303. Support your favorites now!

Faces - Tempe, AZ

303 - Denver, CO

Today's Showdown Bracket Matchup for May 8th

Final day of round one in the first-ever #XGamesShowdown, and it's a banger! Des Moines' Subsect and Midwest powerhouse 3rd Lair face off. Watch and vote to help your favorite team or region make it to round two! Don't miss the action!

Subsect - Des Moines, IA

3rd Lair - Golden Valley, MN


It's an East Coast battle in the #XGamesShowdown! Representing Baltimore, we have VU Skateboard Shop facing off against Jersey's own NJ Skateshop! Is it even fair to have Fred Gall on your team, NJ?!! Support your local skate shop and cast your votes now!

VU - Baltimore, MD

NJ Skateshop - Jersey City, NJ

Showdown South Bracket Matchup for May 12th

North Carolina, where you at? Make sure to cast your votes now as Charlotte's Black Sheep, and Durham's Manifest go head-to-head in the next round of #XGamesShowdown!

Black Sheep - Charlotte, NC

Manifest - Durham, NC

Showdown West Bracket Matchup for May 13th

Listen Up! Today, it's Pharmacy Boardshop versus 303 Boards in Round Two of #XGamesShowdown! California, Nevada, and Colorado, it's time to show up and show your support for your local shop now!

Pharmacy - Victorville, CA

303 Boards - Denver, CO

Showdown Midwest Bracket Matchup for May 14th

Last match-up of Round Two! Who will get one step closer to winning 10k? Oklahoma City's Core Board Shop or Des Moines' Subsect Skateshop. Go watch and vote now!

Core - Oklahoma City, OK

Subsect - Des Moines, IA

Round Three

Showdown Bracket Matchup for May 17th

East meets West as VU Skateboard Shop takes on 303 Boards to kick off round three of the #XGamesShowdown! Both teams braved sub-zero weather while filming for this project and both came through with some serious heat. It's time to send someone to the finals, so step it up Baltimore and Denver!

VU - Baltimore, MD

303 - Denver, CO

Showdown Bracket Matchup for May 18th

The Midwest takes on the South in round three of the #XGamesShowdown with Manifest Skate Shop vs Subsect Skateshop! Both teams have rallied their fans in the first two rounds and racked up some of the highest vote counts yet. Who will advance to the finals? Cast your votes now!

Manifest - Durham, NC

Subsect - Des Moines, IA